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Call for Live Demonstrations

  • Scope: proposals for live demonstrations are invited in all technical areas addressed by the conference. Demonstrations are expected to showcase novel technologies and their application.  The Demonstration area will be located in the vicinity of the conference rooms. Demonstrations are supposed to have at least one person present during the entire conference duration, especially during the coffee breaks.
  • Submission and deadlines:
    • Proposals should be submitted for review via EDAS in a PDF file, not exceeding 4 pages.
    • Deadline: 31.08.2024
    • Acceptance notification: 30.09.2024
  • Recommended outline of proposals: proposals should concisely and clearly describe the content and objectives of the live demonstration, and must include:
    • Demonstration Title
    • Proposer’s Contact Information
    • Proposer’s CV (text up to 200 words)
    • Indication if the proposal is associated to any project and link to the project(s) website(s) if applicable
    • Motivation and background (200 words maximum, describing the motivation and background for the technologies and/or applications being demonstrated)
    • Objectives (200 words maximum, describing the objective of the exhibition)
    • Description (200 words maximum, describing the technologies and/or applications being demonstrated)
    • Logo – optional (a logo to be shown in the conference program)
    • Photos of the demo – optional
    • Technical and logistic requirements (equipment for local renting, network connections, furniture, required space in m2, electrical needs, shipment and storage area, monitors, etc.)
  • DISCLAIMER: the conference organization undertakes no responsibility for any damage or loss to the equipment being used during the demonstration. Moreover, the conference organization is not liable for any personal injury or damage caused by the demonstration to any conference participant.

For questions, please contact us!

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